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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An ode to me

silicon waves dance on my screen
concludes into something to say
the letters look cheap
someone is telling me in someone else's words
that im being missed
though i could feel pleased
but it just bends one of my lips
i think to myself "well if it was wrote by the sender
it would have left me at ease"
i say why don't i watch some t.v
turn it on and tunning me in
there was a tribe of dancing girls and some guys
with bright colors dancing away from reality
and vaccant smiles as a smudge on their faces
the music wasnt so loud a some riff and a couple of basses
turned the channel there was the news a solid faced woman
talking about dead ppl
i wonder if my mother father sister and a brother were among them
would it still leave me blank
not knowing wat to do or how to react
i flipped more channels
nothing but ppl talking a woman cooking
and a man trying to sell someone some plastic bag
or a name tag
i decided i will let t.v be
i grabbed the phone and made a call
to an old friend
"hey how r u doing"....."wat r u doing"
"ah wat a drag"....."lets have a snack"
"so when will u be back"....."catch u later"
all this brought the conversation to an end
then i got a call from my cold friend
she told me about how love doesnt knock her door
and a couple of her friends r a perfect match
i hung up
went to grab the papers
some goverment offical speaker says its not his fault
and some bomb was found under a car
a star laid his star on a pavement
a scientist made copper out of tar
searched the papers for a hidden amusement
put all i got was a somehow bizarre
thought of joining the parliment
i side smiled
thought how badly this world need a meaningful statement
i went to make some tea waited in the kitchen till the water boiled
got my tea turned music on
there was talk about turning lights
great hights
bronken lives
a search light
and i ended it with someone screaming "Get up"
i sang along and felt some chiling in my spine
then i became silent for a moment
a scholars talk came across my mind about singing being a religious crime
i found a pen and a white paper
wrote a note to remind myself to write a love song
came across a book
looked thru it found it filled with johnny's and alex's
left it aside and said i might read it later
hmmmm i think i better become a surfer or a skater
or maybe have a van goahanian life
some anonymous quote was playied in my mind
said the cost might vary when ur dead than alive
a static a result of a research in a magazine
read there's already 4 dead people out of five
got my keys put on shoes
headed for a walk or a drive
a simple cure for mistaken blues
a plug out could be really nice
a bunch of kids passed me
their laughter made me realize
the urge for a nice warm feel
like the ones they have in their eyes
passed a mid 20's man
u can hear revoultion in his jive
then he talked of bills 10 12 50
before he faded i recognized the word alive
a pretty girl in vail walked by
she was following the pace of her shoes
got her eyes on her feet fixed
she eyes me quick
am i in her world or is she in mine
i came across several things
garbage cans
nice colors covered with dust
guys girls sitting on some bricks
it feels like i've landed on a different crust
sand and alot of cigarettes
are on both sides of the street
there's an ad
i dont know if its offering me help or a snack
a car passes me
loud music
gives me the feeling that im living in an ad
where the air is clean and the trees r so green
watever the image sells would leave u glad
but dont know why all that has seen
left me longing for comfort of being mad
where all the thoughts r clear
and when one no more is sad
as the thoughts steers my walk
now im looking at a small park
stray dogs and cats
look relevent to the ppl walking across
the idea that ppl somehow look like animals
they gather to take a leader or a boss
but i guess with animals there are no criminals
or maybe there is
i just added one more question mark
to one of this world's mysteries
more music pass me by
could it be this country is destined for dancing
it looks like its inclined for this tendencies
i think im trying to be an optimistic
in a road of one way seconds followed by minutes resulting a hour
doesnt all this cause static
could all that count in a cold breeze
the idea of UFO's or inhabited planets struck me as ridicilous
who need another populations while we cant figure out these
time to head back where i came from
i might find on the way back some solace.