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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

In Flight

she's flying high in circles
spreads her wings kissing the wind
she's looking for a light under her wondering sky
she flew low and she flew high
watching her start
her soft dance into the dark
she passed me by like a glancing thought
riding the air dissolving into his course
she left me a question as she flew
i sat silently contempling in a reply
something to make her land me a clue
something to say to the sweet butterfly...

Sam Luw

he hides behind the shadows of vacant streets
yet he sits beside you and begin to speak
riddles filled talk yet it pleases who hears
it dissovles with desire and tends to make one meek
power is his language
you can get up now and go back to sleep
but he lites his matches
onto ur lips sealed
his eyes say something
but you can eloprate its you he's taking heed
now he left and he's gone
your there and your all alone
but his words echos over the noise coming from the street
have you been born or did you just turn to stone
what did he say his name was?


truth is a name
quitely heard
and gently framed
by the mighty hands of mispoken words
they had her again
now she's silently lost
and the gurads stood in front of her gate
while i kept searching for her in my brain
couldn't find her and i can't wait
for her to come back and wash away the rain ....once again.

Mirror mirror

been running out of me
been running out of here
out of here out of me
then i met me past a mirror wall
i looked familiar i looked like me
but with two curves resting on my cheeks
there's a line near my chin
must got that while shaving from weeks
i saw who i was in
its like we both met in a dance
it sure looked different from within
felt like giving me a nice chance
to meet me and then
smiling touch my face.

An ode to me

silicon waves dance on my screen
concludes into something to say
the letters look cheap
someone is telling me in someone else's words
that im being missed
though i could feel pleased
but it just bends one of my lips
i think to myself "well if it was wrote by the sender
it would have left me at ease"
i say why don't i watch some t.v
turn it on and tunning me in
there was a tribe of dancing girls and some guys
with bright colors dancing away from reality
and vaccant smiles as a smudge on their faces
the music wasnt so loud a some riff and a couple of basses
turned the channel there was the news a solid faced woman
talking about dead ppl
i wonder if my mother father sister and a brother were among them
would it still leave me blank
not knowing wat to do or how to react
i flipped more channels
nothing but ppl talking a woman cooking
and a man trying to sell someone some plastic bag
or a name tag
i decided i will let t.v be
i grabbed the phone and made a call
to an old friend
"hey how r u doing"....."wat r u doing"
"ah wat a drag"....."lets have a snack"
"so when will u be back"....."catch u later"
all this brought the conversation to an end
then i got a call from my cold friend
she told me about how love doesnt knock her door
and a couple of her friends r a perfect match
i hung up
went to grab the papers
some goverment offical speaker says its not his fault
and some bomb was found under a car
a star laid his star on a pavement
a scientist made copper out of tar
searched the papers for a hidden amusement
put all i got was a somehow bizarre
thought of joining the parliment
i side smiled
thought how badly this world need a meaningful statement
i went to make some tea waited in the kitchen till the water boiled
got my tea turned music on
there was talk about turning lights
great hights
bronken lives
a search light
and i ended it with someone screaming "Get up"
i sang along and felt some chiling in my spine
then i became silent for a moment
a scholars talk came across my mind about singing being a religious crime
i found a pen and a white paper
wrote a note to remind myself to write a love song
came across a book
looked thru it found it filled with johnny's and alex's
left it aside and said i might read it later
hmmmm i think i better become a surfer or a skater
or maybe have a van goahanian life
some anonymous quote was playied in my mind
said the cost might vary when ur dead than alive
a static a result of a research in a magazine
read there's already 4 dead people out of five
got my keys put on shoes
headed for a walk or a drive
a simple cure for mistaken blues
a plug out could be really nice
a bunch of kids passed me
their laughter made me realize
the urge for a nice warm feel
like the ones they have in their eyes
passed a mid 20's man
u can hear revoultion in his jive
then he talked of bills 10 12 50
before he faded i recognized the word alive
a pretty girl in vail walked by
she was following the pace of her shoes
got her eyes on her feet fixed
she eyes me quick
am i in her world or is she in mine
i came across several things
garbage cans
nice colors covered with dust
guys girls sitting on some bricks
it feels like i've landed on a different crust
sand and alot of cigarettes
are on both sides of the street
there's an ad
i dont know if its offering me help or a snack
a car passes me
loud music
gives me the feeling that im living in an ad
where the air is clean and the trees r so green
watever the image sells would leave u glad
but dont know why all that has seen
left me longing for comfort of being mad
where all the thoughts r clear
and when one no more is sad
as the thoughts steers my walk
now im looking at a small park
stray dogs and cats
look relevent to the ppl walking across
the idea that ppl somehow look like animals
they gather to take a leader or a boss
but i guess with animals there are no criminals
or maybe there is
i just added one more question mark
to one of this world's mysteries
more music pass me by
could it be this country is destined for dancing
it looks like its inclined for this tendencies
i think im trying to be an optimistic
in a road of one way seconds followed by minutes resulting a hour
doesnt all this cause static
could all that count in a cold breeze
the idea of UFO's or inhabited planets struck me as ridicilous
who need another populations while we cant figure out these
time to head back where i came from
i might find on the way back some solace.


i always got something to say
when she's gone when she's away
she's always there when im sleeping or when wide awake
i always wonder why hope is always grasping to nothing but a crane
is it dark or getting bright or am i blind i can't tell , i don't know
and why angels dont have shoes??
the wind sometime pet me when im blue
and it sometimes rage like i do
i hear her voice weaved
entwined with summer's cool breeze
autumn butterflies
spring desires
and winter's conclusions
am i in love with glue
and why im stuck and can't get my feet to move.


the dawn comes and i remember it spent with u
ur words ...ur breath...are u
the day follows but its grey as if it grew wings and just flew
maybe i thought u exist i cant fell ur presence
im sad with a smile a very big smile
a sighing smile that ends with a giggle like it hurts in a tickling way
maybe ur there on a yesterday door step
and a tremorous now
oh how it shakes like reflections pinched with wind on the face of the nile
the glittering sounds of strumming
they are colored
rich and seen with a naked eye
but for your face i can't see in my mind.

For The Love

i will curse just for the sake of your anger
i wont tolerate anything or anyone
i will discriminate all no can be whole or one
i will call names just for fun
i will make this hell on earth
i will try and try until you disappear disgraced and in shame
i will laugh and grin at all your remarks
no one can be saved
no god not today
maybe tomorrow if your still here
i will dig holes deep
i will call lava gold
i will tell them of the things they want to hear
i will whisper
i will invoke tempermental pleasure
i will tell them they last forever
i will make them scatter
i will say i dont believe in you
i will do it for fame
i will do it for a title and a name
no one know you come thru
no god they dont
and if someone did they got a place for that
i will mix desires like mixing drinks
i will enlarge their sickest of imagination
i will make them not think
i will fill their heads with smoke
i will stand far watching the fire eat them alive
i will burn all hope with their ignorance
i will close their open eyes with their blindness
i will tell them i dont exist
i will inspire and they will do the rest
i will make them think its no big deal its no test
i will polish all of my seven sons
i will reflect a ray of light from ur sun
no one cares
no god not a single soul
could be the birds and pigenos who do
but u know how much i love you
i just want to prove myself to you
will you ever forgive me god?

In Another words

dry mouthed from talking
thirsty from sleeping
angels with no wings
cigrette ends
another amend
collect urself
mend ur own heart with glue
another advice
oh how am so wise
her eyes
me mine
alien apduction
yeah right
so bright
turn on the light
air waves
something to say
have had
too bad
a truck
somehow stuck
creatures seeking perfection
out of body experience
a state
last words
cheap idea of paradise
bored again
had to say
oh sorry say it again
is that ur name?
question mark
a sudden spark
did you see that?

Deja Vu

we met on a hazy cloud of words
we traded names and got into a conversational blues
i asked her what could life bring us?!
she said what could it make us lose
i said could it be real with all its ways
she went silent and she said "can't you see your shoes"
i said "isnt it a strange answer you chose"
"well" she said "the lace is your life and the rest are just rules"
"ah ok" i said "from now on i will start wearing boots"
she laughed at me saying "i think i know now why it goes"
i said "isnt there a time where you could take off your woes"
she gave a sad smile and asked "havent you heard the news"
i shrudded so she carried on saying "i just had my truce"
i didnt understand i asked her to give me a clue
grinning she said "between me and all thats cruel"
i asked her "why ?!? what did you do?"
she laughed loudly and said "thats one thing i wont say to you"
she sat up and ran .. disappeared with the wind that blew
i wonder what could it be that she knew
im going to follow the line that she drew
maybe i will get to meet her too.


Forget time forget meaning

Definations borders & nations

no one exist & nothing stands

just cool laughter & dawning bliss

dry up ur cheeks for a beautiful kiss

on the face of the earth

this is time for the one

who wakes up when we go to sleep

now we are free in this dream with our eyes open

now we are only breathing

now is the time & the time is now

wat we feel is feeling


the wind she speaks about silence


fell the earth moving

the eyes are now for hearing

ears are now for seeing

and if this is a dream we are not sleeping


no today

no tomoorw

no happiness

no sorrow

no locks

no keys

no satalite

no t.v

just we

being us

being we.

When talking speaks

i live under a close cover
i see my life under its mystical warmth
and her ancient drumming
on the momentary valley time walks his horse
and the road keeps summing
in a gentle remorse
all the dead flowers blackening
gathered forming a rose
with voice silently soothing
taking my anchor to a different course
a simple visitation energying
molecules opening doors
2 lights seem to shine like vanity
it trembles her makes her decide to go
and knowladge with his purple armour
is just curious to know
about the whitness of lady foe
but the red in the silkness
of jealousy show
experience is left not knowing what to know
hope is alone wandering if he can still carry on
they come to me for comfort
the come to me for soul
now they r sitting silenty on my wondering porch
but love turned out with the perfect goal
he said why dont we turn on our torchs
and stumble in eacthother in the real world
maddness felt happy and agreed to vote
the movment disappeared as it heard
caution stood up and said lets take a rain coat
as they went along
sailing with my boat
then mind said to soul "here they go again doing what i thought"
and silence stood quitely watching them float
im left alone with television on and a paper book
wishing that what i see isnt really over
would they come back and forget
so we can live under that close cover once again...

Are you?

i sometimes really REALLY wonder

when will you stop playing around

you seem to enjoy it

you come with talk like dreams

fragments to mean

non categorized ryhming roars

a mind that soars in sillouettes

and in between lines you claim doors

perception of shores

you dance to constant fabrications

youu smile on words that tends to let

a dual flow of wordly.... confident

you claim to know how whole my words raveled

you dont hear the choirs ,the prayers and never noticed the helmet on my head

no not an astrounat!!

just a helmet

like we met

moving , lusterus like heaven's scent

when it travel around us

truth buckles her belt

joy snickers like hazelnut

that blushs like eyes

when they heard

words with no punctuation

but joins , weaves like a thread


regardless to all the rest

Now back to your frames and fences

back behind the old dreams

behind your tent

for i must be gone

like the last song that just faded

a while ago

that left a feeling

a tickle to your spine

a reminder for breathing

or seizing

if your eyes are still fixed here

this is the last line ....

You Are Alive.


there's nothing in the upcoming words to understand

the describing process takes place upon the subconciousness

words flow .... flow to openness

on your mind tranquil , helplessness

some images might come out the ones by which i might be obsessed

in a sand-clock the rush of sand gives the feeling of time steadiness

i will fight and refrain from monotonous

as long as i impose the diagnose of wordly cowrdice

that you might hide back in your awareness

emotion,devotion might as well last

and a wish deep in heart that you might catch a glimpse of the sense you missed

between lines is a word of creating a mess

there's nothing between the lines except what you just read

what is there is what you get,

anyway i was just trying to build a wall

to perform movies upon

no tickets no usher

you have a seat

and so are you

sit back and enjoy the show of humaness.

Ruby Today

how can ruby go away?
when she carries every beat of our heart
when she has her mystical tuesdays
when they are gone for a different wednesday, she waves it good bye
for a certain thursday yes she knows why
can see it inscripted in her eyes
just the same way their inclined to change their color from bluiest of skies to firey light
she always has a reason to be sad and a reason to smile
logic dances on her glances when our eyes meet
shy! thats why i think she's logic's own defet
ruby cant go away ... no not today .... simply no way
even inbetween bracets or in an enclosed frame
she can make it happen but she doesnt want tomorrow to envy today
for he will know wat happened and it wont be the same
in a behind closed eyelids kind of way.

Moment untitled

hey you!!
how are you?
are you there?
can you hear me?
maybe see me?
im waving
im standing here
and sometimes over there
i sometimes sing aloud
i sometimes scream
i sometimes walk by
are you following?
how come i never saw your face
how come when i walk by you ,your shadow have a pace
are you following me?
you can join me
dont hesitate
or even recycle it
come along
i might not go far
might just hang around here
around the corner
behind the line
that separates two different states
but dont worry
the people there are the same
10 fingers and two feet
no difference supposedly anti-mates
its funny here i tell you
enough to bring tears
you know we might as well face the same fate
we might be on the same ship
facing the same iceberg
or the same sunset
you know wat else is funny,
now has no rules
we can build it up
make it
no need for fixing
we can start with new
you are smiling right?
see its true
we can go now
for an adventure , an insight
we might be trying to get out of here
out of this place
we might as well be looking for here
wat we got ,wat we see
see, we can do anything everything and all
im ready
im set
im on the go
your coming right?
dont say anything , lets move on
do you have a light??

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Book of the Dead

i dug a hole in a new morning
once i broke the last remains of a night
crimson, yellow and red welcomed me with open arms
a smile patted me on the back
and when i looked behind me she gave me a wink,
venus was shinning ahead of me
oh, how here is gone!
lunacy in a song
thoughts once came but now they run fast and flee
dead pigeons’ light a formerly known grave
the moon eclipsed
and every time i take a long breath
i tighten my fist
distraction, confusion is tattooed on her hip
flip channel
trip trip, press finger tips
the back of the book of the dead
furred heartbeat
pharaoh’s eyes
radiant with red, blue and yellow
a wasp stings the ancient winds
sacrifice the most beautiful to feed the nile
their eyes are attached
they speak of denial
i’m a half myth of this while
have to draw another breath or this might become a distress
i’m not happy, i’m not sad, i’m just among all of this
what i became is you
in terms of metamorphosis
where i am?
where was i?
am i back?
or gone?
unless i’m mistaken or wrong
i’m probably here.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams is all she sees
in her deep sleep
That only beauty keeps
The bad dreams away
while she puts her wings to sleep
and says she's no angel
but she doesn't see all the peace that she made me see
while I'm wide awake in her dreams
And she flys and do what she please
in the soft pillowed dreams
and the vast green sea
that she made it fall in love with the moon
before the words were said
and before it was too soon
the love affair was painted with maroon
so back there where she sleep
all the words will keep
me from saying what i see
the sweet sweet dreams.