Description is such an easy word:P

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Are you?

i sometimes really REALLY wonder

when will you stop playing around

you seem to enjoy it

you come with talk like dreams

fragments to mean

non categorized ryhming roars

a mind that soars in sillouettes

and in between lines you claim doors

perception of shores

you dance to constant fabrications

youu smile on words that tends to let

a dual flow of wordly.... confident

you claim to know how whole my words raveled

you dont hear the choirs ,the prayers and never noticed the helmet on my head

no not an astrounat!!

just a helmet

like we met

moving , lusterus like heaven's scent

when it travel around us

truth buckles her belt

joy snickers like hazelnut

that blushs like eyes

when they heard

words with no punctuation

but joins , weaves like a thread


regardless to all the rest

Now back to your frames and fences

back behind the old dreams

behind your tent

for i must be gone

like the last song that just faded

a while ago

that left a feeling

a tickle to your spine

a reminder for breathing

or seizing

if your eyes are still fixed here

this is the last line ....

You Are Alive.