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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

For The Love

i will curse just for the sake of your anger
i wont tolerate anything or anyone
i will discriminate all no can be whole or one
i will call names just for fun
i will make this hell on earth
i will try and try until you disappear disgraced and in shame
i will laugh and grin at all your remarks
no one can be saved
no god not today
maybe tomorrow if your still here
i will dig holes deep
i will call lava gold
i will tell them of the things they want to hear
i will whisper
i will invoke tempermental pleasure
i will tell them they last forever
i will make them scatter
i will say i dont believe in you
i will do it for fame
i will do it for a title and a name
no one know you come thru
no god they dont
and if someone did they got a place for that
i will mix desires like mixing drinks
i will enlarge their sickest of imagination
i will make them not think
i will fill their heads with smoke
i will stand far watching the fire eat them alive
i will burn all hope with their ignorance
i will close their open eyes with their blindness
i will tell them i dont exist
i will inspire and they will do the rest
i will make them think its no big deal its no test
i will polish all of my seven sons
i will reflect a ray of light from ur sun
no one cares
no god not a single soul
could be the birds and pigenos who do
but u know how much i love you
i just want to prove myself to you
will you ever forgive me god?