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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ruby Today

how can ruby go away?
when she carries every beat of our heart
when she has her mystical tuesdays
when they are gone for a different wednesday, she waves it good bye
for a certain thursday yes she knows why
can see it inscripted in her eyes
just the same way their inclined to change their color from bluiest of skies to firey light
she always has a reason to be sad and a reason to smile
logic dances on her glances when our eyes meet
shy! thats why i think she's logic's own defet
ruby cant go away ... no not today .... simply no way
even inbetween bracets or in an enclosed frame
she can make it happen but she doesnt want tomorrow to envy today
for he will know wat happened and it wont be the same
in a behind closed eyelids kind of way.