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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Deja Vu

we met on a hazy cloud of words
we traded names and got into a conversational blues
i asked her what could life bring us?!
she said what could it make us lose
i said could it be real with all its ways
she went silent and she said "can't you see your shoes"
i said "isnt it a strange answer you chose"
"well" she said "the lace is your life and the rest are just rules"
"ah ok" i said "from now on i will start wearing boots"
she laughed at me saying "i think i know now why it goes"
i said "isnt there a time where you could take off your woes"
she gave a sad smile and asked "havent you heard the news"
i shrudded so she carried on saying "i just had my truce"
i didnt understand i asked her to give me a clue
grinning she said "between me and all thats cruel"
i asked her "why ?!? what did you do?"
she laughed loudly and said "thats one thing i wont say to you"
she sat up and ran .. disappeared with the wind that blew
i wonder what could it be that she knew
im going to follow the line that she drew
maybe i will get to meet her too.