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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Moment untitled

hey you!!
how are you?
are you there?
can you hear me?
maybe see me?
im waving
im standing here
and sometimes over there
i sometimes sing aloud
i sometimes scream
i sometimes walk by
are you following?
how come i never saw your face
how come when i walk by you ,your shadow have a pace
are you following me?
you can join me
dont hesitate
or even recycle it
come along
i might not go far
might just hang around here
around the corner
behind the line
that separates two different states
but dont worry
the people there are the same
10 fingers and two feet
no difference supposedly anti-mates
its funny here i tell you
enough to bring tears
you know we might as well face the same fate
we might be on the same ship
facing the same iceberg
or the same sunset
you know wat else is funny,
now has no rules
we can build it up
make it
no need for fixing
we can start with new
you are smiling right?
see its true
we can go now
for an adventure , an insight
we might be trying to get out of here
out of this place
we might as well be looking for here
wat we got ,wat we see
see, we can do anything everything and all
im ready
im set
im on the go
your coming right?
dont say anything , lets move on
do you have a light??